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Notice Regarding Municipal Services Challenges in Clarens

Dear Valued Guests,

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you as you embark on your journey to Clarens, a town known for its natural beauty, vibrant arts scene, and tranquil atmosphere. As you prepare for your stay, we want to ensure that you are well-informed about certain unique challenges that our town faces regarding municipal services, and the steps we are taking to mitigate these challenges.

Challenges Facing Clarens:

1.Load Curtailment:
Clarens has pioneered a proactive approach to electricity management through Load Curtailment, distinguishing itself as South Africa’s first smart town. Unlike the nationwide Load-Shedding implemented by Eskom, Load Curtailment requires cooperating customers to reduce electricity demand by 10% to 20% during stages 1 to 4. This means that guests may be called upon to assist by reducing electricity usage during these times, such as turning off geysers, ovens, stoves, and other high-energy appliances. Traditional Load-Shedding is only implemented during stages 5 or above.

2.Water Restrictions:
Due to the high demand on the water pump-station, the water supply to Clarens is turned off daily at 19:00 and resumed at 05:00. This measure is necessary to allow our water reservoirs to replenish overnight. While some venues have their own water tanks and pressure pumps, not all do. We kindly ask guests to consider this when making their bookings.

3.Safety and Security
While Clarens does not suffer from high rates of serious crime, we are still situated within the borders of the Republic, and as such we do have incidents of petty theft and vehicle theft. Vehicle theft, theft out of motor cars and theft out of/from Guesthouses can be mitigated by keeping all valuables out of sight, especially in your vehicle and by locking doors and gates of the guesthouses you are staying at.
Apply the same safety and awareness as where you have come from.

The Clarens Golf and Leisure Estate:

1.Water Supply:
Fortunately, The Clarens Golf and Leisure Estate enjoys its own water supply and is not subject to nightly water restrictions.

However, it’s important to note that The Golf and Leisure Estate, along with other lifestyle estates and guest-farms in the area, is not part of the Load Curtailment initiative. Therefore, normal load-shedding procedures apply.

We understand that these challenges may impact your stay, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to navigate through them. Our team is committed to ensuring that your experience in Clarens is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Thank you for choosing Clarens as your destination. We look forward to hosting you and making your visit memorable.

Warm regards,

The Mountain Odyssey Team